Sitka, the Biggest City in the USA

this image shows sitka castle hill

With a total area of 12,461 square kilometers, Sitka located in the state of Alaska holds the celebrated honor of being the biggest city in the US by area. The city was previously a part of the Russian establishment but was later sold to the United States on 18 October 1867. The people of Sitka celebrate an annual Alaska Day Festival on 18 October.

Places to Visit in Sitka

The city experiences moderate and cool temperatures with high precipitation which makes it one of the best places to visit during vacations!

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a historical landmark where once stood the Russian and tribal forts of the 1800s. However, the place is more profoundly known as the site of American Flag raising where Russians transferred the power over Alaska to the United States. The rock outcrop surrounded by vegetation provides a breathtaking view of the whole of Sitka!

Russian Bishop’s House

This building was once occupied by the first Bishop of Alaska during the times of Russian America but later was preserved and transformed into a house museum. This monument is one of the oldest surviving structures from the 1840s and reflects the complex yet the intriguing history of the city of Sitka. After a long restoration project, now the Russian Bishop’s House stands proudly in its authentic form but with modern heating and electrical system within the Sitka National Historical Park.

Saint Lazaria Wilderness

This island has been turned into a seabird nesting colony and the whole area is dedicated to birds to make a nest as well as breed. It is not allowed to visit the island by foot for the fear of damage to the hundreds of bird nests scattered around, however, it can be visited by boat circling. Many tourists and even the natives use boats to access the place and marvel at the land formations, volcanos, flora, and fauna. The place is home to almost a hundred bird species including :

  • Fork-tailed storm petrel
  • Leach’s petrel
  • Tufted puffins
  • Black Oystercatchers
this picture shows the saint lazaria wilderness from the biggest city in the usa sitka

Tongass National Forest

Named after the Tongass community of Tlingit people, the Tongass National Forest is the largest rainforest of USA. The forest covers around 17 million acres of land and is inhabited by numerous common as well as rare species of flora and fauna. With 150 public cabins and 15 campgrounds built across the forest, the forest service offers various recreational facilities for tourists. However, a well-managed system ensures that neither nature nor the visitors are harmed in any way.