New York the Biggest City of the USA by Population

this image of the new york biggest city of the usa by population showing the statue of liberty

New York City lies in a sub-tropical climatic zone, therefore, experiences warm summers and mild winters. Also, the precipitation remains moderately high throughout the year.

With River Hudson flowing through the land, the New York City has established itself as a major trading port which has led to an increment in the GDP. Being the most densely populated area, New York City has also been credited for being the world’s fastest advancing city. The city possesses a vast cultural diversity which accounts for the variation in landmarks and monuments.

Marvelous New York City of the USA

New York City is one of the best places to visit and witness the marvelous creativity of man!

Statue of Liberty

This iconic monument stands proudly in the New York Harbor which does not only symbolizes the American ideology based upon freedom but also greets the immigrants warmly. The Statue of Liberty was a gift presented by France in 1886 to America in the account of their liberation. Today, this statue is one of the most visited tourist attraction in New York.

Empire State Building

This 102 story skyscraper has held the position of being the tallest building in New York till the completion of One World Trade Centre in 2012. Being built utilizing the Art Deco style, the building has been a major site of interest for many architects and foreign visitors. The popularity of the edifice increased furthermore when it started getting featured in movies, television shows, and even books. It is amazing to witness the New York skyline through the 86th and 102th-floor observatories.

Times Square

Originally called Longacre Square, Times Square is the busiest tourist destination and entertainment hub of the New York City. The area is filled with billboards and screens advertising different brands which look glorious during the night. Moreover, the ball drop from the One Times Building on the New Year night is the most significant event held annually. This festivity brings lots of natives and foreigners together in Times Square to celebrate the arrival of a new year.

Central Park

this image of the new york biggest city of the usa by population showing the beautiful central park

In the midst of New York’s bustling urban life stands a place to explore nature’s divinity and serenity. With lush greenery everywhere and the calm lake, one could immediately feel refreshed as well as relaxed. The park offers many recreational activities like:

  • Ice skating
  • Swimming
  • Baseball, volleyball and tennis courts
  • Concerts and Entertainment