Best Tourist Attractions in New York

From architecture, parks, and art to nightlife and dining, the New York tourist attractions have set the standards in whole categories. New York is a limitless blur of overwhelming activities, especially for new visitors. There are many places to visit in New York and you can enjoy a lot.

Visit the Best Spots in the New York City

Below are some of the beautiful tourist attraction to visit in New York City.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Ellis Island symbolizes a spirit of the excessive melting pot, between 1892 to 1954 the isle situated off the tip of southern Manhattan in this beautiful city and served as the main gateway to the USA for more than 11 million immigrants willing to start a new life. Through the visitor’s record, exhibits display, and arrival interviews, tourists gain a personal perspective on Great Hall and the hardship they faced before.

Combo tickets are great deals and include a trip to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, along with an audio tour in Ellis Island Museum. You can reserve your ticket to Lady Liberty separately.

Central Park

With cameo role in plenty of films, the USA first public park fixed in the collective consciousness, experiencing Central park is always inspiring. It is built on 845 acres of green scenery and it’s a relaxing place to visit in New York City.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park is a great vantage park in New York City; it’s a window in the routine life of New York Peoples. This 550-acre Park, anchored by historic piers, it serves as a recreation spot and communal backyard.

this picture shows the hudson river park one of the attractions for tourist in new york city

Museum Mile

Museum Mile is the biggest science stretch, along with Central Park; it has more artistic treasure as compared to any other mile in the USA. Whatever you taste here even is classic or contemporary, design-inclined or history, Museum Mile is an essential tourist attraction to visit when you visit New York.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to experience a quintessential New York, must join the great flow of traffic that is gliding along high pedestrian walkway on Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most celebrated bridges in the world. In 1883, a steel suspension bridge- big engineering marvel- has been sorted above East River, it is connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, a big blur of bicycles, cars, and pedestrians the six thousand foot span though taking in the hidden views of New York City as well as Lady Liberty.