Day: September 27, 2019

Amazing architecture, unexceptional arts, one-of-a-kind dining restaurants, fun nightlife, name it and New York has it! All the things that can satisfy yourself as a traveler is in New York. If you are planning to go in New York, you need to plan carefully your itineraries and manage your time so that you can visit a lot of places – more than 5 in a day to be exact. Furthermore, if you are in New York, you should also wander around the city and visit the unique neighborhoods.

What are the things to do in New York City?

New York deserves to be a part of your bucket list. This city is rich in museums, bars, restaurants, hotels, and boutiques – the best of the best is all here! Here are the things you can do in NY and fall in love with the sleepless city.

Check out the Met Museum

Visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum will surely amaze you with its 5,000 years of artworks. You can find here masterpieces from the Renaissance era and artifacts made by Columbians. The collections here in Me Museum are constantly evolving so, whether it is your first time to visit NY or not, you should visit this again and again.

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