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Amazing architecture, unexceptional arts, one-of-a-kind dining restaurants, fun nightlife, name it and New York has it! All the things that can satisfy yourself as a traveler is in New York. If you are planning to go in New York, you need to plan carefully your itineraries and manage your time so that you can visit a lot of places – more than 5 in a day to be exact. Furthermore, if you are in New York, you should also wander around the city and visit the unique neighborhoods.

What are the things to do in New York City?

New York deserves to be a part of your bucket list. This city is rich in museums, bars, restaurants, hotels, and boutiques – the best of the best is all here! Here are the things you can do in NY and fall in love with the sleepless city.

Check out the Met Museum

Visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum will surely amaze you with its 5,000 years of artworks. You can find here masterpieces from the Renaissance era and artifacts made by Columbians. The collections here in Me Museum are constantly evolving so, whether it is your first time to visit NY or not, you should visit this again and again.

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this image of the new york biggest city of the usa by population showing the statue of liberty

New York City lies in a sub-tropical climatic zone, therefore, experiences warm summers and mild winters. Also, the precipitation remains moderately high throughout the year.

With River Hudson flowing through the land, the New York City has established itself as a major trading port which has led to an increment in the GDP. Being the most densely populated area, New York City has also been credited for being the world’s fastest advancing city. The city possesses a vast cultural diversity which accounts for the variation in landmarks and monuments.

Marvelous New York City of the USA

New York City is one of the best places to visit and witness the marvelous creativity of man!

Statue of Liberty

This iconic monument stands proudly in the New York Harbor which does not only symbolizes the American ideology based upon freedom but also greets the immigrants warmly. The Statue of Liberty was a gift presented by France in 1886 to America in the account of their liberation. Today, this statue is one of the most visited tourist attraction in New York.

United States Tourist Destination

From architecture, parks, and art to nightlife and dining, the New York tourist attractions have set the standards in whole categories. New York is a limitless blur of overwhelming activities, especially for new visitors. There are many places to visit in New York and you can enjoy a lot.

Visit the Best Spots in the New York City

Below are some of the beautiful tourist attraction to visit in New York City.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Ellis Island symbolizes a spirit of the excessive melting pot, between 1892 to 1954 the isle situated off the tip of southern Manhattan in this beautiful city and served as the main gateway to the USA for more than 11 million immigrants willing to start a new life. Through the visitor’s record, exhibits display, and arrival interviews, tourists gain a personal perspective on Great Hall and the hardship they faced before.

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this image shows places to visit in california yosemite falls

California is a charming golden state; it offers the most beautiful and remarkable places and sights to visit.

Visiting California’s Best Tourist Spots

Below are some beautiful places to visit in California.

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls are beautiful and popular visitors come here from all over the world. The waterfalls crash down to the lake, and this looks awesome to see. This is the 5th highest waterfall in the whole world and it has a length of 2425 feet’s. If you want to enjoy more must-visit in May and June, because during that period these waterfalls are at the most specular. Yosemite Falls is a beautiful place to visit as a visitor in California City.

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